Sickle cell disorders and thalassaemias are recessively inherited blood conditions that primarily affect minoritised populations in the United Kingdom but are major genetic conditions globally. Professor Simon Dyson has developed an entire suite of social science teaching resources on sickle cell which are research informed and free to use.

Resources required:

  • Time to research and publish.
  • Expertise and contacts.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Usage of created materials by other institutions.
  • Student engagement.
  • Increase in diversity within medical health and disability disciplines.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Engagement/commitment.
  • Everyone’s accountability or acceptance that they should be accountable.

How to Use:

  • Supplement course materials on medical, health and disability in sociology with content from the Sickle Cell Disease lecture series.
  • Bring discussions of race into wider debates around social structures in healthcare, and perceptions of wellness and disease.


DMU and the Sickle Cell Society