Intersectionality is frequently misrepresented in teaching, in training, and by students in their work. This short video explains intersectionality in an engaging and open way, including its origins in black feminism and its connections with anti-racism. This has already been used quite widely in university teaching in the social sciences and in training contexts beyond academia such as in the voluntary sector, in health/medicine, and in government. The video is freely available on YouTube.

Resources required:

  • Use videos freely, time to integrate with curriculum/practice.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Student engagement.
  • Shift of attitudes.
  • Increasing understanding of intersectionality and experiences of racism.
  • Metrics for YouTube videos.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Resourcing
  • Culture change
  • Engagement

How to Use:

  • Share freely available recordings with students or colleagues.
  • Potential to embed within online learning environment, lecture, or within training materials.
  • Set as work to do at home alongside readings, to prompt group discussions.


Open Access