The Alternative Reading List Project is borne out of a desire for more diverse readings at the University of Oxford. Launched and run by a group of Oxford students from a variety of faculties and levels of higher education, it is designed as a resource for all students who are seeking alternative readings to augment their official reading lists. The lists aim to offer different perspectives on mandatory readings, as well as on marginalised or excluded topics in mainstream academia. The focus is particularly on the arts, social sciences, and the humanities. The aim is to promote diversity across the different curricula.

Resources required:

  • Student interns.
  • Academic/professional services staff to support.
  • Technical skills for platform development.
  • Funding for conferences and events, focus groups and incentives (such as refreshments).

Available evidence of impact:

  • Student interactions and suggestions.
  • Changes made to reading lists.
  • Number of page views on WordPress site.
  • Informing other university agendas.
  • Increasing understanding of importance of representation on reading lists/curriculum.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Committed experts within department and professional services staff and or students.
  • Time and resources.
  • Buy-in from the university.

How to Use:

  • Collaborate with other university departments (Academic departments, Student Experience, Students Union, Library etc,).
  • Promote and crowdsource content via students and staff.
  • Consider linking to local library collections to expand diversity via title suggestions.
  • Collect data and analyse.
  • Present findings to school/departments.
  • Measure impact and outcomes.