BAME Staff Network was launched in October 2019 to support the University’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity and provide an active forum for BAME staff to discuss issues and share experiences important to them. Current Network Co-Chairs are Dr Bridget Ng’andu, Dr Barbara Adewumi, and Vanisha Jassal; all have been staff members at Kent for several years. Two of the Co-Chairs are also studying at the University. The group bring a range of experience and knowledge related to both staff and students – critical to a nuanced contextual understanding of BAME experiences at the University. They brought this BAME network together to create a community for academic and professional members of staff who identify as being part of a Black Asian Minority ethnic group. Their aim is to help each other connect in ways that will create a sense of belonging through sharing our experiences and providing support that will drive progressive equitable change.

Resources required:

  • Staff.
  • Space on institutional network to host content.
  • Engagement.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Attendance at events.
  • Page views.
  • Informing other university agendas.
  • DM won a Kent Recognition Award in 2022.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Harness existing community.
  • Encourage peer support.
  • Establish relationships with other areas of institutions such as EDI, HR etc.
  • Create capacity.
  • Align with institutional agendas.

How to Use:

  • Coordinate a network for people of colour within your own institution.
  • Seek start-up funding from your institution for events.
  • Consider inviting a guest speaker to attract members
  • Gain support from Executive Group like a race champion.