An online guide that provides historical and contextual understanding of knowledge production and the role of Higher Education Institutions in colonial practices, written by PhD researchers, for PhD researchers.

Resources required:

  • If creating web domain or site to host – skills for web design and technical support.
  • If linking to or reusing content – limited or no resource required.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Usage and page views.
  • Social media mentions.
  • Quotes from students and staff internally and externally.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Graduate school/department approval.
  • Adoption as university-wide procedure may take extensive time and administrative input.
  • Potential supervisor training to ensure the value of resource is known and understood.

How to Use:

  • Resource could be provided to all PhD students, not only those studying Sociology, by prospective supervisors prior to commencement of research.
  • Introductory training session for new PhD researchers could also be framed around the ‘Questions for researchers to reflect on’, for example, ‘How have the methodologies that I use been structured by imperialism?’
  • Useful for thesis examiners to reflect on the content they are assessing.


Guide when used to be cited as:  Sze, J.S., Cosmopolis, C., Hubbard, E.R.C., Mani, S., and Wang, M.M.H. 2022. Challenging Colonial Practices in Research: A Guide for PhD Researchers.