Toolkit intended to act as a briefing for programme and module convenors on what ‘decolonising’ learning and teaching might entail. It is not a set of prescriptions but a set of suggestions and ideas for colleagues and students to think through, individually and collectively. It is animated by a spirit of critical dialogue and reflection within education and is also connected to wider institutional questions about the principles and practices of good teaching – in particular work on racialised attainment and inclusive pedagogy.

Resources required:

  • If creating web domain or site to host – skills for web design and technical support.
  • If linking to or reusing content – limited or no resource required.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Usage and page views etc.
  • Social media mentions.
  • Quotes from students and staff internally and externally to SOAS.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Universities can signpost and link to content.
  • Network support – develop working groups to share expertise and crowdsource ideas/content.

How to Use:

  • Allocation of time for academic staff to work on module content.
  • Consider representation within reading lists and module content.
  • Think about how texts are taught, critiqued and how academic literacies are experienced.
  • Encourage exploration and deconstruction of the origins of discipline, through curriculum development.
  • Allow students to explore identity and histories for a collective understanding of discipline.
  • Check module content for negative stereotyping.


Open Access