Decolonising the Curriculum LSBU was developed as part of a What Works project funded by London South Bank University, based on participatory research with students. The website contains resources for students and lecturers: a visually attractive reading list which has been incorporated into the library under #BLM Reading List, a toolkit, an example of a decolonised module, events, webinars, and blogs. It is currently being developed by the newly appointed Decolonising Research Fellow who is on a permanent contract. This in itself is a development – a first in academia instigated by Professor Shaminder Takhar.

Resources required:

  • Funding to run workshops and events.
  • Look at participatory research work with students to develop content.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Feedback from students.
  • Engagement with participatory research.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Engagement/commitment.
  • Support from colleagues and seniors at university level.
  • Funding for new posts.

How to Use:

  • Staff can use the Toolkits to decolonise their own reading lists and teaching.
  • Students can be engaged through involvement in assessing curricula.
  • Case studies can be used to inspire those working in Sociology who don’t know where to start in decolonising practice, or how to improve the learning experience for BAME students.
  • The ‘Three Pillars’ of decolonising a university are useful guidance to senior university management to guide institutional planning.
  • Funding needs to be ringfenced for a permanent research post in decolonial studies to ensure long-term commitment to this process.