Eastern Arc is a regional research consortium that aims to encourage collaboration across the three universities of the greater southeast: East Anglia, Essex and Kent. One area it seeks to encourage joint-working in is race, ethnicity and decolonisation. As part of this, Eastern Arc created a webinar, bringing together staff and students across the three universities involved in issues of EDI, particularly around decolonisation; a recording of three podcasts explaining the background to the decolonisation movement, where universities currently are, and what the future holds, and a ‘community of common interest’ around issues of race, ethnicity and decolonisation, which acts as a directory for those working on research (or other activities) in the area.

Resources required:

  • Staff
  • Collaborations.
  • Time, resource and technical skills for recordings.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Resource views.
  • Shift of attitudes.
  • Increasing understanding of decolonisation.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Committed experts.
  • Developing community of common interest.
  • Time and resources.
  • Buy-in from the university.
  • Resourcing.
  • Culture change Engagement.
  • Accountability

How to Use:

  • Refer to and share Eastern Arc podcasts amongst colleagues.
  • Develop a ‘community of practice’ locally or with partners.
  • Consider representation within research content.
  • Think about how texts are researched, taught, critiqued and how academic literacies are experienced.
  • Encourage exploration and deconstruction of the origins of discipline, through curriculum development.
  • Allow individuals to explore identity and histories for a collective understanding of discipline.