Helping staff working in Law, Politics, Sociology and Criminology in decentring the eurocentrism in their pedagogy, specifically reading lists but also – as is necessary – their teaching content and approaches.

Resources required:

  • Engagement from staff.
  • Funds to employ consultancy.
  • Resourcing/time.
  • Engagement/commitment.
  • Buy-in from senior University leaders.

Available evidence of impact:

  • Shift of attitudes.
  • Staff engagement and commitment across the institution.

Links to available resources:

Implementation and potential challenges:

  • Audit/review our Criminology and Sociology undergraduate modules with an external consultant (Professor Jason Arday) which included focus groups with staff and students. Presented findings to staff.
  • Chairing an equality and inclusion session at the Departmental (Sociology and Criminology) online away day with input from Black ex-students discussing their thoughts on the Whiteness of the curriculum, staff members, and the racial exclusions they experienced.
  • Setting up an online teaching and learning space as a repository for resources on texts on decoloniality, race, intersectionality.
  • Setting up a decolonial reading group in November 2021 for members of the Criminology and Sociology department.
  • Ensuring welcome week activities focused on inclusion, belonging and decolonisation.
  • Setting up a regular online meeting space with BAME colleagues.
  • Email channels with BAME students to discuss topical issues such as BLM, and their experiences at Middlesex.

How to Use:

  • Refer to Middlesex presentations on decolonising.
  • Allocation of time for academic staff to work on module content.
  • Consider representation within reading lists and module content.
  • Think about how texts are taught, critiqued and how academic literacies are experienced.
  • Encourage exploration and deconstruction of the origins of discipline, through curriculum development.
  • Allow students to explore identity and histories for a collective understanding of discipline.
  • Check module content for negative stereotyping.